Link-building: popularity and authority


Link building can be defined as an SEO technique whose purpose is to increase the number of inbound links (inbound links or backlinks ) to a specific site. Thanks to this method, you can increase the popularity of the site, also to make the source more authoritative, but more often for commercial reasons: to increase the number of visitors and therefore to have more commercial opportunities.

We discuss the theme of link building with Optimamente, an SEO agency that has always been dedicated to this activity and that we thank for its availability, followed by a review of the pleasant chat.

The value of link building

Search engine optimization activities focus on incoming links: for a site to appear among the first search results displayed to Google users, it is necessary that Internet users like this site and consider it as a point. of reference in the context of which it forms part; in theory, it is only when a site has quality content that it is perceived as authoritative and important, which allows it to have spontaneous links from the pages of other sites.

Sites that receive links are at the top of search engines , without links even quality content struggles to gain visibility in snakes. To get confirmation, just use one of the many tools available online, such as Semrush or Seozoom, but also Ahref or Majestic Seo. Just run a competitor backlink analysis on these tools to see how sites that appear in the top positions receive a significant amount of inbound links. The Mountain View

search enginehas always adopted link popularity to associate greater visibility with web projects, refining over time the logic of authority: in a few years, pagerank was abandoned in favor of much more advanced algorithms, focused not on the quantity but on the quality of the links in question, which allowed him to base himself solely on the number of links to a site. The action of the algorithms was integrated with that of the penalty filters: this is how it was possible to clean up the search results by removing sites of modest value. Obviously we can still improve and make the Serp more efficient and useful for users, but certainly today to determine the authority of websites are mainly the profile of links and content.

Therefore, the most appropriate strategy that can be adopted is to focus on quality content, able to consider the web pages of a site as resources that can receive spontaneous links. However, this does not necessarily happen, especially in the case of newly born sites that offer services and products for sale. Well, in such circumstances, it is necessary to devote yourself to public relations and tighten your belt in order to find a successful link building strategy.

Beware of backlinks

Receiving one or more backlinks from hacked sites is a risk , a possibility that can jeopardize the success of offsite Seo ; for the same reason, backlinks from spam sites, porn sites and more generally from all those sites that have very poor quality should be avoided.

A good thing to do is to link to other pages besides the homepage. Obviously, everything changes depending on the level of evolution of a site: the home page should always be preferred when there are not many backlinks available, which can happen on a newly built site. In this case, on the other hand, it is likely that you are in the presence of a limited amount of content, and then you have to work harder to protect the site, not attracted by inbound links from low value sites.

What specifics should be looked for in the sites you want to link from? First of all, they must be real sites with users, characterized by a small number of outbound links and a strong authority. The presence of interesting and original content is another noteworthy feature, as well as relevance to the sector of the site that will receive the links.

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