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Can a local host beat the international hosting giants?


Some 5,000 companies offer web hosting and the vast majority of them operate outside of France. However, nothing prevents a French company from having its websites on a foreign host, Gandi is a very good example.

To find out if made in France is competitive, we chose to do a similar test with two foreign web hosting providers. Our preference in terms of site hosting was in favor of PlanetHoster and Easy-Hébergement.

So how do Easy-Hébergement and PlanetHoster compare to Hostinger and Siteground, two of the most popular providers on the market? First of all, let us introduce you to these two foreign hosts.

Hosting :

Hostinger is one of the largest web hosting providers and has up to 29 million users worldwide. Hostinger registers more than 15,000 new users every day.

It offers the most affordable prices on the market. The company is best known for its fast and professional support, unlike French companies who are often only available during business hours. You have the option of using Messenger to communicate with technical support.

Along with low prices and round-the-clock technical support, Hostinger also offers a number of great services. You can, among other things, create your website with the possibility of choosing between 200 site templates, and publish your new site in a few minutes.

Compared to Hostinger, Siteground is a bit more humble provider. With its two million users, the platform is also recognized worldwide. Siteground is renowned for its advanced technology and numerous alternatives, accessible to its users.

Siteground offers 24-hour customer support. Customer service is very available and responds to questions very quickly.

As with French web hosting companies, we have also opened an account with Hostinger and Siteground. We linked to .fr domains and installed WordPress with the exact same content.

If we refer to the tables above, French companies are doing well internationally.

Although you can have more competitive prices on Hostinger (especially in the long term), French companies stand out for their impact on the environment, which is not to be overlooked today. Customer service is less present, which is important, but Gandi offers 24-hour service. The performances of French companies are very close to international sites and have the merit of being at the cutting edge of technology.

What is the best hosting company for France?

Through this project, we tested the French sites against the international scene. The experiment was carried out through the creation of websites. What was revealing was the ability of French companies to cope with large international companies. Although Hostinger is cheaper and more efficient, the difference is not obvious.

Once all the tests have been completed and after having considered all the important criteria for a server, we have elected Easy-Hébergement and PlanetHoster as the best French hosts. The two companies both provided very good results in several selection categories.

These were then tested and measured against two much larger web host providers. Hostinger emerged victorious but by little, thanks to its lower prices and highly optimized servers. Disk space is arguably the most distinctive element compared to its competitors, with 100 GB of space with a simple hosting subscription.

All our opinions are available, so do not hesitate to consult them.

Which hosting provider is ideal for WordPress in France?

All the web hosting solutions mentioned have been tested with a WordPress site we built, but you can read more about the best web hosts for WordPress here .

Which web host is the fastest?

You can find our detailed performance report here. Keep in mind that speed is not the only important factor, the number of servers in France must also be taken into account, but there is a clear correlation between the speed of the web host and its overall performance.

Should you opt for an international web host or a host that has servers in France?

Our tests have proven that international websites like Hostinger often perform better than many local companies. And since most web hosts offer free CDNs, loading time for users in France is not affected.

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