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5 digital marketing strategy examples


How to create a digital marketing strategy?

This all sounds great, right? But now it’s time to tackle building your own digital marketing strategy. This task may seem overwhelming and complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

5 digital marketing strategy examples to inspire you

You now know the steps to take to get started. But are you still drying? Maybe a little inspiration would be welcome.

1. Example of marketing content: Buffer

Content marketing is hard to separate from Buffer, the popular social media scheduling tool. The latter is often taken as an example in the field of content marketing.

Here’s how Buffer managed to become an example: In the early days, the company relied heavily on guest posts. The team wrote content published on various sites in order to create awareness of the brand. In fact, one of Buffer’s co-founders claims that this strategy helped them get their first 100,000 customers .

2. Content Marketing Example: Airbnb

Again, content marketing isn’t all about tested and approved blog posts. And Airbnb proves it to us.

Using these guides, users find landmarks, places to experiment, restaurants, and other hotspots in a given neighborhood. Airbnb also makes great use of user-generated content, through reviews

Beyond the content produced by the company, Airbnb also provides its users with information and resources useful for creating quality content about the accommodations offered on the site, which constitutes the main part of the latter.

3. Social Media Marketing Example: Glossier

There are countless factors that contribute to the undeniable success of the Glossier makeup brand. Social networks are among the most decisive factors, without a doubt.

It is this type of profile that shows through in all the publications. The images are never very elaborate or retouched. Rather, they show ordinary people in everyday environments (babies, dogs, airplane windows, etc.).

While other brands cast a wide net to benefit from influencer posts and promote their products, Glossier takes a different approach by engaging with dedicated customers and fans.

For a successful product launch, the brand chose to offer the product to 500 loyal fans (those who had previously purchased products or interacted regularly with the brand on social media) who reported on it on their own accounts. Results ? A totally authentic (and successful) social media campaign.

4. Email Marketing Example: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is so successful in digital marketing that it sometimes feels like the company has taken over the entire internet. But among its various marketing actions, the company particularly excels in e-mail marketing.

5. Email Marketing Example: Adobe

Segmentation can be a powerful tool. But if your audience isn’t as large as BuzzFeed’s, it may seem redundant to offer several different newsletters.

The good news is that it’s not the only choice for delivering personalized email content or getting to know your subscribers. Adobe is an interesting example of this strategy. Despite the fact that this company also has a large following, it takes a slightly different approach to personalization.

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