Keep Your Home Safe

Devices You Need To Keep Your Home Safe


Your home’s safety is obviously a top priority. It is what influences your decisions when it comes to moving to a new home, it is what is always the first thing you think of when your kids come to mind, it is what affects what you keep in your home, and how much security you would ideally need.

A home’s safety is not always just about security. It also means keeping the home environment from within safe too. That is why we have listed down some essential devices that you should always consider installing or having in your home for complete safety.

1. Smart Cameras

What’s better than the surveillance system that you already have in place at your home? A smart camera of course! Smart Cameras boast a technology that a regular surveillance camera cannot compete with. Here’s why they are much better.

Your usual security camera footage may be available in color images now, but does it include sound? Well, smart cameras come with built in microphones and speakers to allow for two way communication – you can hear the audio of the video clip, and speak to whoever is at the other end in real time. But that isn’t even the best part, it keeps getting better as you read on.

The video quality, whether it is a prerecorded footage you dig out from the camera storage, or live, is always in HD – crisp image that doesn’t miss a detail, accompanied by sound. Now isn’t that the kind of security you’d want? And what’s more, you can access the video feed of smart cameras from their associated smart phone applications! Just open your phone and watch over your home from wherever you are.

Additional features that you can expect from different smart camera variants are firstly, wireless cams that are battery operated and can be placed pretty much anywhere. There’s also facial recognition, and real time alerts for whenever any movement is detected within the wide angle camera frame.

2. Air Disinfector

An air disinfector at this point should be a vital device to place in your home. With the recent global pandemic, you probably now realize how deadly certain viruses can be, especially airborne pathogens.

Air disinfectors may be pricey, but the fact that they purify the air within a room is what will allow you to sit with the peace of mind that you are breathing in clean air. It is what would keep you as well as your family members safe from any bacteria or virus within your close radius.

There are also portable disinfectors now, such as the nUVoPersonal UVC Air Disinfector. These are so easy to carry with you, even in your backpacks! So take with them with you in the car, the bus, your office and go about your day knowing that the air around you is pure.

3. Smart Smoke Detectors

You may think this article is about smart devices, but it’s not. It’s really more of the fact that certain smart devices are much better than their ordinary counterparts, and smart smoke detectors are a great example.

Your regular smoke detector may come with several issues. Sometimes it triggers false alarms that are often difficult to turn off, they may also not pick up on certain hazards like small fires or even gas leaks until it’s aggravated to a level that’s pretty dangerous. This is where smart smoke detectors can work.

A smart smoke detector features the functions of both types: ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. That means they can pick up on anything, from smoldering to fast burning fires – even gas leaks like carbon monoxide. And what’s better is that it covers a wider range of detection as opposed to any regular smoke detector.

These devices just like all smart devices usually do, feature their own mobile application that sends in alerts in real time to your smartphones whenever a potential hazard has been detected. It is through these apps that you can also easily turn any false alarms off, without having to grab a chair and reach for your device on the ceiling to do so.

You can find such affordable devices for your home at FirstEnergy Home. Log on to their website, and browse through the Smart Home catalogue where you would find so many devices that could contribute to your home’s safety. There’s video doorbells that allow you to answer your door even while you’re not present at home, and smart locks that keep your home locked and monitored around the clock.

So after reading this, wouldn’t you want any of these devices for your home? Trust that the above devices take the meaning of home security to a whole other level. You have access to your home remotely, via your smartphones so that in the instance of any danger, you can take immediate action before things get out of hand.

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