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5 Strategies To Increase Your Instagram’s engagement in 2022


As we approach mid-2022, the landscape of social media continues to change. Despite the recent buzz surrounding Meta and the Metaverse, TikTok has emerged as the most exciting marketing platform in the year 2021. TikTok surpassed one billion active users as of September increase of 44% rise since the beginning of the new year. Instagram, however, on the other hand, has lost some of the glamors it once enjoyed. However, it hasn’t updated its numbers of users since 2018, when it surpassed the 1 million mark, and it is estimated that it currently has around 1.38 billion people. While TikTok is in a blaze now, Instagram remains a force to be taken seriously.

The most important thing is that Instagram’s most significant demographic is the millennials, with 33.1 percent. It also has a substantial portion of purchasing power in the marketplace and with 91 percent of millennials choosing to shop on the internet. When combined with the number of people who use Instagram, these findings mean that the platform can’t be ignored anytime soon. You can get free Instagram followers with TurboMedia to hit the roof.

However, it’s essential to stand in the spotlight as a brand, and gaining significant traction through Instagram isn’t as easy as it once was. Here are five tips to increase engagement on Instagram engagement for 2022.

1. Take advantage of your time with New Collab Feature

If Instagram introduces an exciting new feature, there’s no way to know if it will be a general attraction for marketing. Its Collab function can be considered an exemption because it offers comprehensive benefits worldwide as a helpful tool that can maximize the value from collaborations among other Instagram users and reach new audiences more directly.

The Collab feature lets every collaborator be shown as a co-author on the same post and lets each collaborator publish the identical post immediately. Two separate posts would have been needed to show the collaboration; this feature permits every collaborator to see the same position on their feeds and the same likes and comments. This creates an uninterrupted pathway to your partner’s followers and increases the credibility of your collaboration. Examples of immediate applications include influencer collaborations, brand partnerships, and even announcements of special events.

2. Make Giveaways Pair with Influencers

Giveaways’ value in the world of Instagram is well-known. A study has found that giveaways could help increase the number of followers as much as 70 percent quicker and have the possibility of 64x more comments and 3.5 times more likes than standard posts. The partnership with an influencer can, however, expand your reach further.

Influencer marketing is on the rise. The influencer marketing business will reach $13.8 billion at the end of the year. It’s also worth noting that Instagram is the most popular platform most preferred, with 68% of brands deeming it the top option in influencer marketing. Couple it and the fact that most users rely on influencer recommendations, and you’ve got an extremely effective marketing tool. Combining the benefits that influencers can bring, and the advantages of giveaways is a proven formula for success.

3. Encourage more user-generated content

In the same way that influencers can establish your brand’s credibility, so could users-generated content or UGC. UGC yields the same output to the influencer post in the sense that you’re asking a collaborator who is in sync with your market to deliver you much more organic content than standard ads.

With the growth of TikTok, viewers are now looking at authenticity when they post content. That is the case with Instagram Reels. Inspired by TikTok’s style posts, Reels has exploded in popularity in the past two years. Why? Because they’re typically organic, non-curated, and more “spur-of-the-moment.” They don’t feel like advertisements, which, in turn, can lead to greater engagement and longer watch times.

UGC or any other type is a fantastic complement to your Instagram profile because it adds credibility to your business. Real users of products or services in actual situations can help connect with your audience at a higher level than an ordinary advertisement. Initiatives like brands’ ambassador programs are a fantastic method of generating consistently high-quality, consistent UGC, which can be used often.

4. Listen To Your Audience

Don’t underestimate the importance of asking questions or listening to customers. They feel more engaged and provide important information about your product or service.

An easy and quick method to accomplish this is to use polls. Instagram Stories are an effective tool for businesses as they have the majority of users say they are more intrigued by a product when they read about it in the form of a story. The ability to poll your customers using Stories Story is a possibility to be more effective since you will receive instant feedback that you can use in many ways.

Programs for brand ambassadors can be an effective tool to get continuous reviews from the most loyal clients. Through the creation of Instagram groups where you can talk directly with ambassadors and help understand customers’ thoughts on a more fundamental level. By listening to ambassadors’ feedback, the brands stand a greater chance of reaching out to their intended audience at large and increasing the number of loyal fans.

5. Provide Recurring Value

Although marketers would like this to happen, the reality is that people don’t follow the brands they follow on Instagram to be continuously targeted by them. They also want to gain information, entertainment, or even incentives. Your audience should be enticed to interact with your content frequently. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekly theme giveaway, a behind-the-scenes video series, or helpful techniques and tips. Offering valuable content to your customers will ensure that they stay engaged regardless of their position in a customer’s journey. 

Instagram Will Not Be Left Out in 2022.

TikTok is seeing a surgeon on the scene doesn’t necessarily mean that you must put all of your marketing efforts into the platform yet. Instagram remains a popular social media platform for brands to reach their customers, especially millennials. The new features it offers, and its existing user base and marketing tools create Instagram an essential tool that isn’t to be missed by 2022. TikTok might be the newest child on the block. However, Instagram is a seasoned veteran.

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